Monday, November 21, 2011

Klondike park

Early one Saturday morning I took yet another road trip with my poor camera
begging for mercy. It has been getting quite a work out lately.
I drove to Klondike park about 20 miles from my home
R had told me about this park and about the views from the overlook. What she didn't tell me it was up a mountain. I was the only person in this area and hoped I didn't run into any animals, 2 legged or 4 legged. The view was wonderful. The rich farm lands of Augusta bottoms, rich with the soil that the Missouri river leaves when it floods
this is at the top of the overlook, thank goodness I didn't have to climb any higher, I was really out of breath
panoramic view of the fall colors
this is the Labadie power plant that sits along the river; there is something wrong with seeing smoke stacks in this pretty view. The lake is a abandon quarry where silica sand was once mined. The sand is like powered sugar and glistens in the sun.
I am seeing faces in the stranges places lately.
another face
I was a little early to see much fall color on the trees but I wanted to take advantage of nice weather we have been having
this monarch butterfly posed very nicely for me
Lewis and Clark are supposed to have camped on the opposite bank
beauty shot

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