Tuesday, November 15, 2011

art romp

This post probably has the most photos I've ever uploaded in one post, but this evening was so much fun I couldn't leave any of them out! The art romp was an evening of different types of art and the chance to do some art. It was held at the Foundry art centre that I visited earlier this year. R and I spent the evening visiting all the exhibits. The photos above is from a photo booth. We got so silly with the props
one of the stilt walkers, this guy was kind of creepy these murals were all made out of Mardi Gras beads that the artist brings back from New Orleans after the Mardi Gras parades. R getting ready to make a glass bead. This was harder than it looked; we had to keep the glass rod turning at the same time as keeping it close to the flame; at the same time putting the mandrel in the center to make the opening. We each made a bead and I'm looking for a chain to wear mine.
I found this writing and scroll very interesting. I would never be able to do this, my handwriting is terrible, since I'm always on the computer typing.
this artist was doing water color and she used salt on the color to get different resist of the water color. She made it look so easy.
there was an aerialist, a big band sound band, jugglers, sculptures, potters and the iron pour
the iron pour was too cool. The worked used a coke furnace to melt the iron ore to 1200 degrees (648.8 c) then it went into a bucket to be poured in molds
very interesting, can't imagine seeing a pour like this in a big foundry
pouring the iron into the molds to make decorative items.

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