Friday, November 18, 2011

haunted ghost tour at the Missouri Penientary

another image filled post, again too many pix not to show them! The kids and i went on a haunted prison tour in our state capital, Jefferson City. We drove up in early afternoon, had dinner, drove around for an hour or so lost trying to find the prison. Jeff City is very very quiet on a Saturday evening. The tour is held after dark with flashlights, but there was a big group ahead of us and they all had the flashlights, most of the people in our group used their cell phones for light. The building above is one of the cell blocks.
this building contains the solitary confinement cells; also known as the dungeon, or the hole. One prisoner was in his cell in the complete dark for 18 days. When we entered this building, my ears popped like there was an attitude change. That was the first strange thing that happened
me standing in front of one of the cell doors
this is a picture of a ghost! This was taken in the dark, the only editing i did was to correct the contrast. I see a figure standing on the steps, take a look and tell me which side it is standing and which set of steps. I give the answer at the end of this post
the first room a prisoner would see. This building was closed in 2004 and the amount of decay was astounding.
some of the cells
one of the cell blocks purported to have a ghost
son D, behind bars. He is a corrections office in a jail, so he is usually on the other side of the bars. We were warned no to shut any of the cell doors because there were 900 keys for this building and the prison only has 6 of them left.
one of the cell in the "hole" we all crowded into a very small hall, then the guide had everyone turn off their lights; absolute dark! Everyone commented on how cold it was, I was very very warm, (second strange thing)
this is the building that contained solitary confinement.
S and B sitting in the gas chamber. A total of 40 people were executed in this chamber. Out of the 40, 22 of them were Black, 1 was a woman. The last prisoner executed was in 1998. The third strange thing happened as I was taking photos in here. The picture before this one show the bottom 1/2 of the photo's offset from the top.
D and K in the gas chamber. I wanted to sit in the chair but got a very uncomfortable feeling and had to get out of the chamber. A few other strange things: D and K's cell phone clocks changed times D's showed 3:00 am and K's showed 6:00 pm, but the real time was about 10:30, they both swore that they didn't touch the time setting. Right around the time I took the photo of the ghost, D tripped on a perfectly level piece of the drive.
Now for the reveal of the ghost I see a figure on the left side of the steps the second flight up, let me know if you see it. You can see video of the prison on youtube search for creepz ghost commandos missouri penientary


Alec said...

Hi Patty! This is Alec from the CREEPZ Ghost Commandos! Thanks so much for referring our video highlighting our investigation at the Missouri State Pen. Also, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed viewing your photos. You do have some very interesting ones! I also love your site. Keep up the great work! Please do keep in touch through our Facebook page or at

patty said...

Thanks Alec for the nice comment. We had a great time on the ghost tour and really enjoyed your videos of your investigation. I hope you get some hits from my mention. I've let all my friends know about your videos also.