Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creve Coeur Lake and Park

I visited this park on a beautiful fall day. The park was a hang out for kids in my day (so very long ago). We went here to see friends and of course make new friends! The sign is a new addition. Our version of this story was the Indian maiden threw herself off the top when her father would not let her marry a warrior from another tribe, much more romantic.
perhaps the Indian maiden spirit lives here with the wee folk.
This fall seemed much taller when I was younger. There used to be stone steps along side the falls with at least a MILLION steps up to the park at the top
The lake has really been improved. I learned to water ski here when the lake was 3 feet of mud and 3 feet of water. I couldn't swim so I figured I wouldn't drown and how I hated to put my feet in that mud, yukky The lake is a oxbow lake, the largest natural lake in Missouri. It has been dredged deeper than in my day. Its a great place for picnics, tennis, water sports, and archery. The park at the top of the falls has athletic fields and there is a golf course near by. The walking/biking trail goes around the lake and connects of the Katy Trail.


JeanMac said...

What a touching story and beautiful area.

patty said...

JeanMac, Isn't it funny how small things look as you get older! The falls seemed much taller and dangerous when I was a teenager.