Saturday, July 26, 2008


went to doctor tuesday for my 60,000 mile check up, i'm good for another 10,000. got two shots one in each arm. can't remember the last time i got a shot. not much going on this week, have tyson again this weekend. his family is in iowa for a gym meet until thursday. tomorrow is breakfast with friends that just got back from san diego from vacation, looking forward to hear about their trip. saw dad today, he didn't want me to stay long, still says he can't hear. we went out for a walk to fill all the other residents bird feeders then i left, he keeps saying he knows i have other things to do. took my new medicine a few minutes ago, one of the side effects is drowzyness, so i've decided to take it at night so i won't be sleepy during the day

Sunday, July 20, 2008

hottest day of the year

was today 97 degrees with heat index 105. i sat outside most of the afternoon in the back yard under the trees and read; also hung out laundry, but it doesn't smell like the outdoors like my childhood memories remember. i try to hang out the wash as much as i can to be as green as possible.
visited dad today but he fell asleep while i was there, so i left without saying goodby. he was complaining of not being able to hear today, said his ears were stopped up.
the above picture is my belly dance instructor, Nissa. She opened up her own studio and today was the grand opening. i know she will do well because she is very dedicated to her art. the other 2 pictures are of the class at the recital this year.i guess i'll start my lessons up again in the new year. couldn't take lessons this year because i had dad at my house every saturday and sunday up until the time he went into the nursing home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


been gone a few days sometimes the days aren't long enough. hoops has gone home, his family is home from their cruise and they had a wonderful time, no one got seasick or sunburned. was a relative uneventful week, haven't had one of them in a long time. saw dad yesterday and today, yesterday he was not happy couldn't find things he was looking for and today i was there early and surprised him. we were out for a walk just once around the building because he didn't want to miss lunch. as i was leaving teresa was coming in so we chatted for awhile. fence is up at dad's after a week and 2 or 3 times calling the cable company because the fence company kept cutting the cable line.

cleaned house today for theraphy, after having 2 dogs in 3 weeks the floors really needed it. swept up enought dog hair to make a small dog. the dogs are company, but i am glad to see them go home. went by an adoption fair at petsmart this morning and it would be really easy to fall in love with one of those dogs, but i keep thinking of the responsiblity and the fact a dog would be alone all day.

todd and his family at at gulf shore for a week, said he would send pictures. we sure had a good time the last time we went there. it was the first vacation that was actually a vacation, we did nothing for a week but sit on the beach and sleep and eat!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


another of my granddogs, i'm watching hoops till his family comes home from a cruise to the Caribbean. he is still a pup, going to be 1 soon.
went to see dad today as well as yesterday. yesterday he seems lethargic, didn't have much to say, today he was better, he was sitting in the small room outside the tv room with v. i took both of them outside to sit by the fish pond. dad wanted to walk and v didn't so since i couldn't leave either we sat for about 10 before v wanted to go in. then v and clare came into dad's room for a conversation and visit.
today is a beautiful day not too warm, sunny and breezy. i wouldn't need the ac, but the hoops seems to need it because he is alway panting. he will be going to work with my tomorrow and i expect that he will be good as he has so far since friday

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sad news

about dad's room mate, we just found out he passed recently. it was a shock we thought that he had gone into the hospital and then found out tonight he didn't. all residents were in their rooms tonight and the one that were not were agitated. dad said he didn't feel good so we didn't go for a walk. t and c are taking dad to the cemetery tomorrow, he has been wanting to go since mother's day so t is taking him. they will visit his parents and mom's plot. hope it doesn't make him upset.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just a note

went to dinner last night with the sears girls, sherry is getting out again after her surgery. it stormed again while we were out, heavy rain some lighting. just a normal day, thank goodness

Monday, July 7, 2008

only 2 months

till t and i are winging our way to ireland, can't wait, seems like it has taken forever to get this close. we are going to see dublin, guiness brewery, jerpoint abbey, kilkenny, waterford, cork, blarney castle, ring of kerry, cliffs of moher( which i know is going to be my favorite place), inis mor, dun aengus, just some of the places. i know i'll have zillions of pictures, am taking at least 2 4gb memory cards, just hope i can keep the batteries charged up!
saw dad tonight with c, dad was in good mood, v wanted to make sure we were bringing him back in after our walk around the building, it was really hot today with a high humidity, so we only walked around once then sat in the lobby. dad asked c if he has been driving the ford, i don't know if dad saw it while we were walking or if he just associates the truck with c. asked how the dogs were and said that he should be getting out soon that the "hospital" was concerned about his blood pressure.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the wedding was yesterday, they could not have asked for better weather or a prettier day. reception was at lucas school house; old building, 2 floors and outdoor patio. we sat outside most of the evening. food was great, toast by the brides sister and grooms best friends were very heart felt. i killed some brain cell and am paying for it today! dad enjoyed the ceremony, got teary eyed

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hope every one is having a good independence day! i was up early this morning, went to take some pictures of old barns. i got a few, then the batteries in the camera went dead. i'm using re chargeable batteries but they don't hold a charge every long. must get better battery before trip. went for a walk after i got home, need to get the legs moving again for the trip. stopped a lowe's for some adhesive to fix fence that i messed up last week, then went to see dad. we went for a walk around the building and filled all the bird feeders, figure we can do that at least once a week for the other residents. dad is ready for the wedding tomorrow, wants to make sure that he gets a good shave so i ask the girls at the desk to please make sure that happens. then came home and mowed the grass. t and i are going to dinner tonight, gonna have some q at bandana's. had a great thing happen yesterday. one of my customers has family in ireland and we talked at length about what to see and he is on a committee for the st pat's parade in the city and he is going to give me vip passes to the parade and party afterwards. i was really surprised! now i have 3 customers who have given me info on what to do on my trip of a lifetime.