Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunny rainy day

visited with dad today, his roommate had a bad night, so i don't think either of them got much sleep. dad introduced me to v today and she gave me a big hug and kiss, didn't stay long dad and virginia wanted to watch a movie. it is so cute to see them hand and hand walk down the hall way to the tv room.
weather today has been screwy. it was muggy this morning, then rain and the temp dropped; then wind, sun, more rain. i mowed the front yard in between showers and ended up knocking a few fence post off the fence with the mower. if tyson knew how easy they would come off he would be gone in a moment. i had a extra piece of fence that i used to fill the hole until i can get some adhesive to put the post back on. i used duct tape to tape the pieces together so now the fence looks like sanford and sons yard.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


went to breakfast with friends today, but it would have been a great day to sleep in, but big dog needed to make a trip outside. funny how when i told my story of taking tyson's medicine everyone said the same thing," well, you are not barking yet" even dad said that while laughing.

Dad got a room mate today at gardenview. they are both the same age, both have military experience and both have 6 kids. they should have alot to talk about. j took dad fishing the other day and they caught a lot of fish, dad really enjoyed himself, wish i had some pictures.

was a lazy day today, couldn't get movitvated to due much of anything. next weekend is a three day weekend and the fireworks have started already, much to tyson's dismay

Friday, June 27, 2008


was an interesting day. overslept this morning and in my hurry, accidently took tyson's medicine instead of my own. i had his by mine and went i went to give ty his medicine, his was gone. i call the poison control department and luckily they told me that i might have an upset stomach and be drowsey but nothing else. some times i wonder about my self!! but at least i wasn't out chasing cars or cats :)
another one of my old barn pictures this one is on n east of mid rivers high on a hill

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hidden door

hidden door in old barn close to house had to walk back in woods to find it, after i got back there thought might be some wild critters living in the building and if there was don't know who would have been more scared me or them.
370 was closed last night because of the flood, not the water, but the deer and other animals running on to the highway. took 30 minutes to go 2 miles, but better than hitting a deer. opened up this morning. plan to take some pixs of the flood waters on saturday if possible.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


rain is coming in, won't help the poor people whose homes have flooded due to levee breaks. the soccer fields in fountain lakes are under water, saw them work on the levee on the way home last night. the water is about 2 -3 miles from work, b called this morning to make sure we had not floated away. this area did flood in 1993.
interesting night last night, followed a pickup with a trailer on it, and the trailer came loose, luckily the driver got his truck stopped before the trailer came completely off. then dropped cell phone in dish water while trying to answer it. took it apart quickly and used a hair dryer to dry it out and left it apart all night, worked ok this morning, which is great. its funny how quickly a piece of technology can become a piece of your life. i feel naked when i don't have my phone with me.
planning to visit dad tonight have more bird seed for his feeder, hopefully the birds have found the feeder and are providing entertainment dad.
the picture is one i took close to the house. i like old rusty barns and sheds. this one is hidden in a field off of 364 and k, had to tromp thru tall grass and weeds to get it

Sunday, June 22, 2008


clematis outside of dad's house

sunday afternoon

this afternoon was also a good day. we visited with dad at the care center today, t and r got him a bird feeder and put it outside his window. right after c and i got there, we were all invited to a music concert in the dining room. a group came in to entertain the residents, it was so touching to see the residents singing the songs that they knew. the group had 3 guitars, 2 flutes, drums, and singers. the residents were given shakers to join in and one of the residents got up and danced. the music lasted 1 1/2 hours and every stayed until the last minute. dad gave me his wallet to keep. this is something he does from time to time. after leaving i went to buy him some clothes for the upcoming wedding in july, but i got him the wrong size pants so its back to the store for a exchange. i also got him a suet block for the birds hopefully the birds will give dad something to watch while he is in his room.

sunday morning

today is a good day, grand dog slept until 5:00 this morning before the morning pp dance. ty is a boxer/pit mix and is a rescue dog from a humane society south of us. He is a great dog, very sociable and very smart. gave the rabbits in the yard some exercise this weekend. his family picked him up this morning and he will be coming back to grandma's on thursday, his family is goes to the kansas stampede to work with the sponsors.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

first morning of summer

today looks to be a beautiful day, but they are saying storms tonight. off to breakfast with friends this morning. grand dog is spending weekend, while his family is off on a float trip, they will be back Sunday and by then he will be ready to go home, i can't compete with a house full of people!

Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20

today is the summer solstice, longest day of the year, rainy cloudy morning has turned into bright blue sky with puffy white clouds, this year every day has been a long day, but i believe that will be changing soon. all of a sudden more free time after 6 months of busy every minutes, find myself looking for things to do. will work on scanning rest of old old family pictures to computer this weekend.

first post

i've enjoyed reading others blogs, so i thought i would try one of my own