Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 6 Larne Ferry and Belfast Historic Tour

st patricks stone, cairnryan a farmers store we stoppped at for a tea and scone break
the pastries were all home made i had a delicious fruit scone
one view of their garden
one of my favorite shots
our ride
leaving Scotland
Belfast, amazing artwork, we visited Shankill and Falls Road
shipyard where the Titanic was built.

day 4 Edinburgh Castle and City tour

Edinburgh Castle taken from about 3 miles away. the castle was amazing! could have spent the whole day. saw the Scottish crown jewels as well as the Stone of Scone (or the stone of destiny) couldn't take pictures in here either inside the castle, luckily the bus took us up to the entrance to the castle or it would have been a long climb
guard outside of the war memorial. there was a ceremony every 1/2 or so like the tomb of the unknown solider in the U.S. the war memorial was very impressive but we could not take photos inside
braveheart outside the castle
Rosslyn chapel
Rosslyn Chapel is under going renovation. the chapel was started in 1446 and finished in 1484. it has survivied turbulent times, from the insides being demolished in 1571 to Cromwell's troops using it as a stable, to the St. Claire family beginning to renovate the chapel to its original use in 1862. this chapel is in the Dan Brown novel " The DeVinci Code". When i asked the guide where the Rose meridan was in the floor, she politely told me that was fiction. when we were in Edinburgh the bus dropped us off and we had to make our own way back to the hotel about 5 miles outside the city. i stuck with the Kentucky group so i wouldn't be lost. we took a double decker bus to Rosslyn after much debate on what bus to take, after our visit we ate in a local pub and since ice tea was not on the menu ordered hot tea and a glass of ice. after more debate we decided to take a earlier bus back into to Edinburgh since all the buses return to the city center anyway. then we had to find a cab to return to the hotel. the residents of Edinburgh couldn't not have been more friendly and helpful. our cab driver had just returned from a trip to Florida so we chatted about that.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 3 blair castle and scottish cabaret

Blair castle, in the Atholl estate of 145,000 acres, 7 centuries old. we were not allow to take photos inside because the furnishings were so old, photos with flash would damage them this was in the grand ballroom, the only room we could photograph
the grand ballroom
the Blair Atholl distillery, we didn't get to tour the actual distillery, it wasn't open but we all got a shot of the whiskey. it made my ears ring, but it was very good. several members of the tour were from Kentucky so there was a lively discussion about the merits of Kentucky bourbon and the Atholl whiskey.
random shot of a high tower. i could fill a book with these shots of random castles and ruins.
lovely little town
Sir Walter Scott memorial in Edinburgh
our master of ceremonies and Annie at our cabaret dinner
haggis and tatties. i LOVED the haggis, i ate it several more times while in Scotland. i think i was the only person so ate the whole thing! all of our meals on the tour were excellent. we had 3 choices of appetitizers, main course and dessert at every dinner. breakfast was a full Scottish/Irish breakfast: eggs, back bacon, beans, pototoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, porridge, toast, jam, tea. there was also cereal, fresh fruit, muffins, crossiants, and scones. we found an excellent way to enjoy porridge while in Scotland. porridge, honey, cream and a wee nip of whiskey! it was wonderful and several of us had it every morning.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

patty's excellent adventure-Loch Lomond and Loch Ness cruise day 2

heeland coos (highland cows) on the property of our hotel our hotel, i was in a section by the charlie chaplin suite. the hallways were so convoluted that i got lost every time i left my room. i was told the next day that the hotel was haunted and i would believe that was true
urquhart castle the jewel of loch ness
we actually had a sighting of nessie. we were all very excited
this is the section of the loch that nessie tried to climb out, but it was so steep, she slid back into the water
view of loch ness from our boat
getting on the boat
i think this area was called the 3 sisters
the beautiful highlands
now i know why Scotland is called the dark island

patty's excellent adventure-Glasgow day 1

first view of Glasgow, left from st louis at 12:30 pm, flew to chicago, then to london, finally arrived in Glasgow at 12:00 noon the next day. the transfer bus to the hotel waited for me, thank goodness or i would have had to take a cab. this was the first time i traveled by myself and didn't get lost once! the first tour was at 3:00, got to my room freshened up a bit and on to the coach (not a bus according to George our driver and guide). statue of Queen Victoria in George Square
cool looking bridge, built on the diagonal
inside Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, it was beautiful, only had a couple of hours here and it wasn't enough
Kelvingrove Art Gallery
very interesting exhibit, loved the hanging heads, each had a different expression
st. elvis there was 25 travelers on this tour. 11 of them from Kentucky and they took me under their wings. talk about southern hospitality!!! nearly everyone on the tour had Scottish or Irish ancestors

Sunday, July 11, 2010


leaving on my trip to scotland and ireland tomorrow, will be home with 1000's of photos

Friday, July 2, 2010

bren's garden

sunset after a storm
the mighty bunny chaser almost ready my grandson garden, he has been wanting to have a garden for a couple of year and finally talked dad and grandpa into helping him. i believe it is 10 x 20 feet and has tomatoes, corn, peppers, zucchini, spring onions with plans to plant some pumpkins late summer. not many 16 year old are into gardening. i dog sat the mighty bunny chaser last weekend and bren called to make sure that i kept the critters out and that i watered. he asked how tall the corn had grown because he had been out of town for a week. told him it was up to my shoulders and he was thrilled, then i reminded him that i'm only 5 foot 2, so the corn wasn't that tall. first tomatoes picked on Wednesday

music at the park

my own medicine was playing and i am friends with one of the members mom the kids had a great time dancing
john on the right, my friends son
the rest of the band. they were really good. the temperture that night where in the high 90's with a heat index of 105