Monday, August 25, 2008

august 25, 3008

in 2 weeks i'll be in dublin ireland the first day of my dream trip! i'm trying not to get excited because i don't want to jinx anything. called city hall about the kittys under the porch, i can come down and get a trap to trap them and then the animal control will pick them up. i was advised not to feed them and tonight they were ratteling the dish i put out yesterday, it breaks my heart not to feed them but i don't want them to take up residence under the porch, especially with winter coming on. talked to a friend tonight and the small group is going out to breakfast on saturday, they wanted to have breakfast before i left, and that feel good that i have friends like that, they have been my rock this year, lending their shoulders for me to cry on.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

been gone for awhile

didn't realize it has almost been a month! t and i are getting ready for our trip to Ireland. We leave two weeks from today. It's been an interesting month. t cut the tendons on her index finger, left hand, had surgery and is now in a brace and sling. the surgery left a "Z" from her palm to the second knuckle. I've had an eye infection caused by wearing contacts too long and had to wear my ugly glasses for 2 weeks. went to eye doctor and have new contacts and new glasses. b cut my hair today and colored it bren wants to know why my hair was so gray he was amazed that it was gray. now at least the nurses at the care center won't think that i'm dad's wife! looked out the door this morning and discovered that i have a family of kittens living under my concrete porch. i've seen 3, black with white throat, black with white chin and chest and black with white spot on chest. i'm calling the humane society tomorrow do see if they will come and get them since winter is around the corner. i don't want them to freeze to death. the picture is from old town st charles along the side of trail head brewery, a micro brewery that has a restaurant and brews its' own berr.