Thursday, September 24, 2009


a bunch of us that worked together over 15 years ago get together every year or two for a reunion. this year we had wind and rain and cool temps. we are going to start holding our reunion every year from now on since we are getting older. didn't have a big turn out this year i think because of the weather. this gentleman came all the way from texas to attend. We were all feeling pretty important until he mentioned that he was on his way to maine for vacation!

last saturday

daughter in law and youngest granddaughter at alzheimers charity walk oldest son, his girlfriend and granddaughter sister in law and youngest great niece daughter and youngest grandson. most of my family did this walk, we raised $1300.00 for the alzheimers society in memory of my dad. we had a great day for a walk, sunny and mild temperatures. we walked 3 miles thru a nearby park and have decided to make it a yearly event. SATURDAY AFTERNOON after the walk went down to the riverfront for the irish festival. this year there was a wedding. young couple met at the the festival last year and decided to get married there this year. love a man in a kilt they had a replica a of thatched roof cottage. the groom and the minister. the groom had the biggest smile all though the ceremony. the bride and her parents. then my camera battery gave out so i didn't get any pictures of the ceremony.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

golden age of piracy

welcome to the island of martinique me in the stocks
chuvani bellydancers
one of the richer pirates
the setting is in a wooded area in wentzville mo. the ren faire is also held here in late may. there are all kinds of buildings, a jousting fields, vendors, food of course (we had bangers and mash in honor of our ireland trip been home one year today). all of these folks spend a lot of time on costumes, rehearsals and imagination

Friday, September 11, 2009

we will never forget

a girder from the world trade center from the attack on 9/11/01 at the memorial at O'fallon city hall. O'fallon has 2 memorials to the lives lost on 9-11. The plaque has the names of everyone killed that day. The other also centers around a girder of of one of the towers. We will never forget those lost this day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

catching up

grandson's first soccer game of the year. His team lost 4-0 my granddaughter cheering at her first official high school football game. Her school won 21 to 0. I spent the last week with the kids while their parents were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary and sil's 40th birthday. i forgot how busy teenagers are. i had brought a new car the day before i stayed with them and put at least 300 miles on my car driving to and from events. They are both really good kids, excellent students and very very active! i have been catching up on all my computer stuff all weekend, but it was worth it

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sedalia and the fair

one of the best things about the fair the winner of the Missouri State Fair "idol" contest close up of turret
building being rehabbed

been gone to the fair

this is the lobby of the hotel we stayed in during our visit to the Missouri state fair in sedalia. this is also where i had my celebrity sighting. I had gone down to the lobby to buy some postcards for my web site. As i was talking to the hotel clerk, noticed a guy waiting to get on the elevator. I thought he looked familiar, so i smiled and nodded. After he got on the elevator i asked the clerk if that was who i thought it was, the clerk responded that she was unable to say anything. Well it turned out that it was Ronnie Dunn of the group Brooks and Dunn, he was staying at the same hotel! and this was the only time all weekend i didn't have my camera darn it! That sighting made my weekend.The concert was great, we had good seats and when we returned after the concert, Brooks and Dunn's driver was in the lobby and we chatted a few minutes.
love this quilt
i love to watch the 4-H kids with their livestock
prize winning produce
cattle judging at Missouri state fair