Thursday, March 28, 2013


 I've been away too long! The reason for my absence is I've been prepping my home for sale.
I've spend the past 3 months finishing up all the little details that go into selling a house. I've had several people look at it, but the consense is that it is too small! I've just installed all new carpeting this week, so hopefully that will drive more interest, or I'm going to have to resort to burying St. Joseph upside down in my front yard.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reptile Birthday Party

Since D is a huge fan of anything creepy crawly, he got a creepy crawly birthday party.
Enter the Reptile Experience!!!!
D got to hold a gater, one of his favorite creatures; this is a little bigger than Larry the lizard he got for his birthday last year.
He wore a slink on his head.
Katy really wanted to see this guy up close
D's whole kindergarten class, soccer team and neighborhood kids were invited to the party and most of the moms and dads stayed for the entertainment too.
Holding a tarantula
a albino python

the kids loved holding her