Monday, June 14, 2010

sunday in the park without george

statue of st louis, king louis IX of france was the original symbol of the city of st louis, the statue stands in front of the art museum on the top of art hill. it stood at the entrance to the 1904 world's fair. his sword has been stolen about 6 times in the past years.
entrance to the muny opera, a outdoor musical amphitheater located in forest park. actors and dancers at rehearsal
the theater seats 11,000 people with approximately 1500 free seats at a first come first serve basis. the season runs from mid june to mid august. this years shows are damn yankees, footloose, beauty and the beast, Titanic the musical (can't figure out how you can make a musical out of the tragedy) showboat, and the sound of music. (picture above from wikipedia) My first visit here was when i was 15 years old and saw "westside story"
st louis art museum also located in forest park (photo from wikipedia) the museum was build for the 1904 world's fair as the palace of fine arts designed by cass gilbert inspired by the baths of caracalla in rome
bridge by the muny
the gazebo in front of the muny opera. its used for weddings in the summer.
view from st louis statue looking down art hill to the grand basin. art hill is a very very popular place to go snow sledding in the winter and you better hope the lake is frozen, some times you can go thru the straw bales. my aunt took me here when i was 12 and i remember flying down the hill and praying i could get off the sled in time
grand hall in the art museum
my attempt at being creative with my photography
looking from the grand basin up to the art museum the art museum is free and on sunday we went on a guided tour. we toured with people from new york, florida keys and hong kong. they were all amazed there was no admission fee.
there is a charge for the opera, but most of the places in forest park are free

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

on a summer's eve or a mother's work is never done

cousin adventure quatre (four in french)

we visited Petit Lyon, a 16th century village in France
preston in the jail, declan wouldn't go in, but had no trouble at all locking his grandma in the jail, and he did with a BIG smile on his face!
the good guy is in yellow, the bad in blue; the boys related to batman and mr freeze for good and bad
story telling belly dancers, notice the boys rapt attention, including the big boy on the left
declan loved this turkey hen, got right in her face and talked to her. a future vet in the making?
horse back riding
and again
watching preston's memaw in a play
memaw was the evil knight