Sunday, April 25, 2010


these little guys are my siblings. left to right chris, teresa, daniel, todd. not in this picture is jim the second oldest. there is 14 years between me and chris, 15 years between me and teresa, 18 years between daniel and me and 13 between me and todd jim,(four years younger than me) me, chris, todd and teresa, daniel wasn't born yet
jim, me, daniel, todd, teresa, chris one of the only photos i have of the six of us todd and chris are irish twins, there is 1 year and 3 weeks age difference
me, mom and teresa, i think i was 18, this was taken the summer before i got married. we all are from the same parents. when i tell people about the age difference they assume we are from different families. Of course we are all grown the youngest is now 44. my oldest son will be 43, so theoretically mom and i could have been pregnant at the same time. omg!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cousin adventure 3

this weekend the boys went to the museum of transportation. The last time i was here i was about 10 years old. The museum has various examples of transportation, mostly trains d and p hamming it up by the train wheels
riding the street car
riding the mininature train
of course we had to have a picture of a motor cycle , an old Indian
this car has the largest fins i've ever seen. i think this was the singer bobby darren's care and the paint job had crushed diamonds in the finish
the tug boat
ringing the bell on the train engine
there are planes, trains and automobiles,boats, the whole place is run by volunteers and the price is inexpensive. its a great place for anyone who likes trains. I don't know about the boys but the 2 grandmas slept good that night!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 tartan days

statue of Lewis and Clark, their dog Seaman, and little d walking the rails
i love the train
d thought the sheep were fun. he tried to let them out to play
all little boys like throwing things in the river
down the slide
thought the chicken was pretty cool too
sir d, the jousting knight
grandma's favorite, men in kilts and bagpipes

Monday, April 12, 2010

new sport

little d is taking soccer lessons. God bless the coach for taking on 3-4 year olds. Coach is really good with the kids, he has alot of energy and keeps the kiddos engaged
soccer is a natural for kids, they love to run and kick a ball around

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Celtic Women

The Fox Theater is in downtown St Louis and my best friend and I attended the Celtic Women concert. It was wonderful! The theater opened in 1929 and originally was a movie theater. I remember attending a movie there when i was a kid. The Fox fell on hard times, restoration was started in 1981. Below are a few pictures I took when we attended the concert. I imagine the ghost of old Hollywood visiting the theater
The facade of the Fox. I like the griffins on the corners of the marque
the ceiling in the lobby.
view from the balcony
view of the wall murel
some of the interior ornaments
another view from the balcony
view of ceiling and stained glass light