Friday, October 24, 2008

more Ireland

new visitor's center at cliffs of moher, opened last fall
home close to Waterville
ticket office of the white lines shipping, where the titanic had the last port of call before setting off on the final voyage in the city of Cobh

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


dad went into hospice today. in the care centers language he is declining rapidly. he's not eating or drinking much and is refusing to take his medicine. we all met with hospice yesterday and they will start their care. this is just another layer of care that is geared to the alzheimer's disease. this is a horrible disease, in dad's case his physical body is still pretty good but his mind is not there. going to funeral home in the next couple of weeks to make his final arrangements. that is NOT going to be easy, but we would rather do it now then when we are grieving

scenes of ireland 2008

cliffs of moher, windy, rainy and cool. about 1/2 hour after this was taken fog rolled in and your couldn't see anything but grey. the cliffs were breathtaking. this is what i went to ireland to see!
sheep in field western ireland
i love thatched cottages, this one was on the way to a rest stop. our driver said that the homeowner didn't like buses to stop, but we could get a pictures if the driver drove very sloooooowly past the home
grave site of a landowner who always wanted to overlook his land

Monday, October 20, 2008

october 20

landscaped grounds of the muckross house, killarney ireland
view from b and b dining room, kilkenny, ireland
ruins next to our b and b, named castleview, kilkenny ireland