Sunday, January 24, 2010

oldest son and K

oldest son D and his significant other, K. K made me the coverlet pictured in another post. I love the coverlet and am still trying to find out what it says.
Today is another grey rainy day, we have had fog for about a week; the pea soup kind, last night heavy rain and thunder and today mist. Forgotten what the sun looks like! The only saving grace is that the temps are in the 40's and 50's at least thru today.
Job hunt is still going on, only 1 reply to talk and that is next week. Will be filling out applications today online, keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


after re reading my last post, i realize how selfish i sound. the blips in my life are nothing compared to what the people of Haiti are going through. My church supports a mission in Haiti and the priest running it is ok, his school and home are destroyed as well and Father lost some parishioners. There will be a collection taken up next Sunday to go directly to Father Hagen and we offered up prayers for the victims tonight at mass.

past week

been busy last few days, found out first of the year, my hours at work are now part time, soooo i've been applying for part time jobs, applying for unemployment, and researching employment websites. This in itself is a part time job! Plus my aunt is not well and was in hospital yesterday for biopsy and instead of being released today is staying over again. Aunt is dad's sister and relies on me and little sis for moral support and doctor visits. Always good to have another pair of ears when visiting the doctor.
The good news is the kids and i celebrated Christmas last Saturday and had a great time. Middle son was really sick so he stayed home, (thank you middle). Oldest son's girlfriend made me the coverlet show in the photo along with 2 pillows. She did a great job for her first attempt. However i do need a translating of the gaelic verbage. Anyone know what it says? I was told i would have to find out myself. ( i think the verbage says "worlds' greatest grandmother) I'm also on tap to see "Celtic Women" in person in February, how kool is that.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year from the beach

blue moon on new year's eve little sister spent all 2009 saying that she wanted to sit on the beach before the end of 2009, soooooo, december 26 call travel agent, december 28 on plane to cancun for 5 days of sitting in the sun, staring at the ocean, eating at the buffet and having a liquid refreshment every now and then
now little sis and i are not impulsive people, we take ages to make a decision, then having made the decision, worry if it was the right one, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!
mexico was great, forgot all about cold and snow in the midwest, hated to leave, 85 degrees and sunny; arrived home to 7 degree temps and snow flurries. thank goodness for cameras and memories.