Sunday, July 13, 2008


another of my granddogs, i'm watching hoops till his family comes home from a cruise to the Caribbean. he is still a pup, going to be 1 soon.
went to see dad today as well as yesterday. yesterday he seems lethargic, didn't have much to say, today he was better, he was sitting in the small room outside the tv room with v. i took both of them outside to sit by the fish pond. dad wanted to walk and v didn't so since i couldn't leave either we sat for about 10 before v wanted to go in. then v and clare came into dad's room for a conversation and visit.
today is a beautiful day not too warm, sunny and breezy. i wouldn't need the ac, but the hoops seems to need it because he is alway panting. he will be going to work with my tomorrow and i expect that he will be good as he has so far since friday

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