Friday, July 4, 2008

Hope every one is having a good independence day! i was up early this morning, went to take some pictures of old barns. i got a few, then the batteries in the camera went dead. i'm using re chargeable batteries but they don't hold a charge every long. must get better battery before trip. went for a walk after i got home, need to get the legs moving again for the trip. stopped a lowe's for some adhesive to fix fence that i messed up last week, then went to see dad. we went for a walk around the building and filled all the bird feeders, figure we can do that at least once a week for the other residents. dad is ready for the wedding tomorrow, wants to make sure that he gets a good shave so i ask the girls at the desk to please make sure that happens. then came home and mowed the grass. t and i are going to dinner tonight, gonna have some q at bandana's. had a great thing happen yesterday. one of my customers has family in ireland and we talked at length about what to see and he is on a committee for the st pat's parade in the city and he is going to give me vip passes to the parade and party afterwards. i was really surprised! now i have 3 customers who have given me info on what to do on my trip of a lifetime.

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