Saturday, July 19, 2008


been gone a few days sometimes the days aren't long enough. hoops has gone home, his family is home from their cruise and they had a wonderful time, no one got seasick or sunburned. was a relative uneventful week, haven't had one of them in a long time. saw dad yesterday and today, yesterday he was not happy couldn't find things he was looking for and today i was there early and surprised him. we were out for a walk just once around the building because he didn't want to miss lunch. as i was leaving teresa was coming in so we chatted for awhile. fence is up at dad's after a week and 2 or 3 times calling the cable company because the fence company kept cutting the cable line.

cleaned house today for theraphy, after having 2 dogs in 3 weeks the floors really needed it. swept up enought dog hair to make a small dog. the dogs are company, but i am glad to see them go home. went by an adoption fair at petsmart this morning and it would be really easy to fall in love with one of those dogs, but i keep thinking of the responsiblity and the fact a dog would be alone all day.

todd and his family at at gulf shore for a week, said he would send pictures. we sure had a good time the last time we went there. it was the first vacation that was actually a vacation, we did nothing for a week but sit on the beach and sleep and eat!

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