Sunday, July 20, 2008

hottest day of the year

was today 97 degrees with heat index 105. i sat outside most of the afternoon in the back yard under the trees and read; also hung out laundry, but it doesn't smell like the outdoors like my childhood memories remember. i try to hang out the wash as much as i can to be as green as possible.
visited dad today but he fell asleep while i was there, so i left without saying goodby. he was complaining of not being able to hear today, said his ears were stopped up.
the above picture is my belly dance instructor, Nissa. She opened up her own studio and today was the grand opening. i know she will do well because she is very dedicated to her art. the other 2 pictures are of the class at the recital this year.i guess i'll start my lessons up again in the new year. couldn't take lessons this year because i had dad at my house every saturday and sunday up until the time he went into the nursing home.

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