Thursday, July 14, 2011

start of living room reno

last time I painted I painted the fireplace wall red to add a touch of daring. I also textured it by adding 12 pounds of dry wall mud on it with a putty knife to add some interest. Since the whole house is being painted by moi, this is the before. The after will be coming a little later. I left the texture on the wall and it took two days of painting with a brush to get in all the little nooks and crannies. Thank goodness I only put texture on one wall.


Molly said...

You are brave! I dream about painting walls daring colours, but am faint-hearted about actually doing it! Interested to see the job finished!

patty said...

The good thing about painting is you can always change it. The bad thing is I've been painting for two weeks and have only gotten the living room and kitchen done. I'm debating on whether to paint my kitchen cabinets black. Now that is a commitment! The second bad things is that my body is one big ouchie! It is amazing how fast things change as you get older :)