Monday, September 20, 2010

weekend travels

this person gave a explaination and history of the conflict on "bloody Sunday" and the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. He was very very interesting.
found a man in a kilt, oh my and another one, my lucky lucky day!
this guy is Finnigan, small guy just
225 pounds.
This weekend was the Missouri River Irish Festival in St Charles. Saturday was very hot and Saturday night a storm blew in with heavy lighting, 60 mph winds and hail the size of marbles and heavy rain. I just got home when the storm hit our area. I can't imagine that happened with all the vendors and beer tents! Haven't hear any bad news and that's good
The fair was small this year then in years past


Molly said...

Love the St Brigid's cross over the door.....and the guys in kilts of course!

patty said...

Hi Molly, just found several comments that I didn't know about. The speaker was very heartfelt about Bloody Sunday. The little cottege was the scene of a wedding last year at the Irish fest.