Tuesday, September 21, 2010

weekend travels evening

saturday evening was a middle eastern dinner and a belly dance show featuring Sahra, who studied raqs sharqi (belly dance) in Egypt. Above is the menu; everything was delicious hummus, pita, figs in syrup, almond cookies
girls from my previous troupe Madrasat Nisaa
Andrea, dancing the raqs assays (cane dance)
love the name of this group "hips afire"
Irina, born in Russia
my instructor Nisaa
Salwa, gorgous costume
Nile breeze
Sahra Saeeda, the featured performer.
day filled with culture, from Irish festival in the morning to the middle east in the evening. what will sunday bring????


tattytiara said...

Oh pretty post - I love belly dancing costumes. Glad I wandered over from Molly's!

patty said...

welcome, tatty! there are some other belly dance photos in my past blogs, some day i'll get to wear one of these beauties