Monday, August 2, 2010

day 8 Ulster American Folk Park and Westport

this statue is in the visitors center and start of the park tour, the start of the immigrants journey one of the recreated buildings
attendance record in the school.
beauty shot
another beauty shot
in the hold of a "coffin ship" named that because 30% of the passengers died before the ship reached American shores
top side of the ship.
memorial to W B Yeats at St Columba's church in Drumcliffe. Yeats is buried in the cemetery My favorite poem by Yeats is "Host of the Air"
St Columba's church
one of the many high crosses in the graveyard
most of the roundabouts have art in them
view from my window in the wonderful little town of Westport. My window sill was very deep and i sat there several time with my cuppa and watched the world go by. We went to Matt Malloy's ( of the famed Chieftain's) the music was in the back back back room and we never made it back there, so we ended up at another pub. we were invited to sit with Pat and Frank a couple from county Tyrone who were in Westport on vacation. What great craic!
the city square in Westport. It stayed light until almost 10:30 pm while we were here. I walked around the city for several hours, shopping and stopping for a scone and tea. Westport is a place i would visit again.

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Molly said...

So nice to see all these familiar places through your eyes! Wishing I could join you on your walk around town and stop with you for a cuppa and a scone!