Sunday, August 1, 2010

day 7 Giant's causeway and Walls of Derry

just a beauty shot carrick a rede rope bridge used at one time by salmon fisherman. the bridge is not rope any more, it is made of wire rope and douglas fir. this wasn't one of our stops, darn it, but we stopped right before the entrance to take pictures
the mountain at the giant's causeway. there is a path you can walk to get to the top but it takes about an hour. we did have several members of the tour walk the "high road" then climb down the 162 steps to get down to sea level
the young lady at the top was from Ireland on vacation, i had climbed up to that level to take pictures, then it dawned on me how was i going to get down??? the young ladies husband gallantly offered to help, but i just sat down on my rear and slid down step by step
like a giant playground
a view of the rocks that are still below ground
the young lad at the edge was making me nervous! the rocks were a little slick and he was really really close to the edge. i had to walk the other way because of my fear he would slip in, his parents were ok with him being that close
i went out as far as the young one with the green shirt
my friends from kentucky. they all traveled together and were most delightful. they always invited me to hang with them. the bad part about traveling alone is you don't have anyone close to share memories with. their newspaper at home will publish their picture if they show the newspaper
surfers in wet suits
hands across the divide, very powerful. In Derry
some of the protest and civil rights painting in Derry
they look like photographs, i'm confused about "the troubles" and plan to research more
walled city of Derry
bishops gate
i think this is st eugene's cathedral
another view of bishop's gate


Bob Crowe said...

Hi - just discovered your blog because you have a link to mine (which I appreciate). By coincidence, my wife and I are heading to Ireland in two and a half weeks. After some time in Dublin we will be heading north, staying in Belfast and Portrush. Any tips or suggestions? We've been to Ireland several times but never the North.

patty said...

Hi, i've been reading your blog for some time as well as enjoying your photography. I was on a bus tour so we did have to adhere to their itinerary.

My favorite thing was the giant's causeway it was so unusual as the pictures show. The Belfast tour was interesting as well; I've been doing some research on "the troubles" in the Belfast and Derry area. The painting on the wall of the buildings are so lifelike, they look like photos.
I also would recommend the Ulster American folk park, and another must is Achill Island; the deserted Famine Village. The village for me was really emotional. I have photos of those places also and i should have them posted before your trip.

In Dublin we toured the Kilmainham Gaol where the political prisoners of the 1916 Easter uprising were executed.

This was my second trip to Ireland and I'm planning my next one! If i won the lottery i would be living there.

hope this helps you.

Molly said...

Missed this first time 'round.....Remember studying geology in secondary school and the Giant's Causeway was cited as an example of basalt....weird the things you remember from school! Even though, my first year out of college, I taught in Monaghan town, I'm not too familiar with the north, having never been further north than Armagh. Before I die I'd like to see the Giant's Causeway!

patty said...

Hi Molly, Giants Causeway was great! So very unusual, like lincoln logs for giants. Of course the legends that goes along with the causeway helps too.