Friday, August 6, 2010

day 11 Kilmainham Gaol and Guinness

one of the "better" cells, this one had a wooden pallet to be used as a bed painted by the wife of Joseph Plunkett, Grace Gifford married Joseph Plunkett one of the leaders of the Easter Uprising the day before he was shot.
staircase in the jail. the women and children in the jail were kept in the basement. the youngest person held here was only 7 years old
view of the inside, the Victorian wing
jail yard
cross marks the spot the where the leaders of the rebellion were excuted.
this concludes the the travelogue of the Scots Irish tour, hope you enjoyed it.
my final meal in Ireland, not very traditional but it tasted really good.
The best part of the trip were the wonderful people i met, both on the tour bus as well as the local people i met about town. Pat and Frank at the pub, shop keepers, the taxi driver that took me to the Harley Davidson store and waited for me off the meter while i brought my boys Irish Harley shirts.
The worst part of the trip was i was trying to fix one of my companions camera and managed to erase all of her photos. I felt horrible, but R was very gracious and forgiving. I brought her a new memory card and offered to pay to retreive her photos from the memory card. I also sent her a cd of my photos and a dvd of photos set to music as a I'm sorry give. The most valuable lesson i learned was 'NEVER, EVER TOUCH SOMEONES CAMERA"

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