Friday, July 2, 2010

midsummer's night dream or shakespear in the park

the mid summer nights moon
st charles riverfront had a shakespear in the park event a few weeks ago. i only knew a little about "a mid summers' night dream" the above is a prince from a fairy tale they presented before the actual play
the play was done in the steampunk style--a sub genre of science fiction and speculative fiction frequently featuring elements of fantasy. HUH!!!! the term denotes a work set in a era or world where steam power is still being used. it is influenced by and often adopts the style of h g wells, jules verne, mark twain and mary shelley, ok this part i understand. the customers were not what i would have expected for shakespear, but that made the play more intriguing
here we have the lord of the underworld, woodland fairies, puck in the back and i can't remember to the character in the green is
don't know exactly who this guy was suppose to be. he did magic trick and just wandered around in the crowd. i really enjoyed the production and would go again

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