Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 4 Edinburgh Castle and City tour

Edinburgh Castle taken from about 3 miles away. the castle was amazing! could have spent the whole day. saw the Scottish crown jewels as well as the Stone of Scone (or the stone of destiny) couldn't take pictures in here either inside the castle, luckily the bus took us up to the entrance to the castle or it would have been a long climb
guard outside of the war memorial. there was a ceremony every 1/2 or so like the tomb of the unknown solider in the U.S. the war memorial was very impressive but we could not take photos inside
braveheart outside the castle
Rosslyn chapel
Rosslyn Chapel is under going renovation. the chapel was started in 1446 and finished in 1484. it has survivied turbulent times, from the insides being demolished in 1571 to Cromwell's troops using it as a stable, to the St. Claire family beginning to renovate the chapel to its original use in 1862. this chapel is in the Dan Brown novel " The DeVinci Code". When i asked the guide where the Rose meridan was in the floor, she politely told me that was fiction. when we were in Edinburgh the bus dropped us off and we had to make our own way back to the hotel about 5 miles outside the city. i stuck with the Kentucky group so i wouldn't be lost. we took a double decker bus to Rosslyn after much debate on what bus to take, after our visit we ate in a local pub and since ice tea was not on the menu ordered hot tea and a glass of ice. after more debate we decided to take a earlier bus back into to Edinburgh since all the buses return to the city center anyway. then we had to find a cab to return to the hotel. the residents of Edinburgh couldn't not have been more friendly and helpful. our cab driver had just returned from a trip to Florida so we chatted about that.


Molly said...

He must have been so happy to get home! All these history soaked places you've seen make Florida seem pretty dull....Not to mention H-O-T!

patty said...

Molly, the driver did mention the heat in Florida and that he wanted to start a taxi company there, was amazed that there wasn't that many taxis around. Europe and the U.S is so different in so many ways. i love how there are people walking on the streets, doing their errands and kids walked to school, so very unlike the suburbs i live in where you can't get anywhere unless you drive.
I walked several places alone and felt the energy of the city in the crowds of people.