Friday, July 2, 2010

baseball game

kat dave's girlfriend, dave (oldest son) becky (daughter). we were at the game because granddaughter brit was selling ticket for cheer leading camp. brit so the most tickets so she was going to throw out the first pitch of the game, but one of her fellow cheerleaders had just graduated from high school and brit decided to make her friend's senior year even more special and let the other girl throw out the first pitch. BRIT, you have alot of class. i don't have a photo of brit at the game, she was running around with all of her friends, but i am really proud of her.
old courthouse under repair and "the runner" this is the first time i've been to the "new" stadium. i grew up down the street from sportsmen's park the first stadium, the second one was built in downtown st louis and called busch stadium for the owners of the the anhauser busch brewery and torn down to build the newest stadium, so now i can say i've been to all of them. the above photo is the part of the stadium that is on street level and you can see some of the field.
the budweiser sign and the cardinals
view of the arch from ballpark plaza
fred bird and the t shirt girl, they shoot t shirts into the crowd from a big slingshot
albert pujols
new courthouse as dusk
view of arch and old courthouse


Molly said...

What a sweet thing Brit didfor her friend!

patty said...

she is a really good kid, when she was in 4th grade she designed a rubber band bracelet and sold them to her friends and school mates and donated the money to the backstoppers a group that cares for the families of policemen and firemen who are killed or injured on the job. i think she raised a couple hundred dollars