Sunday, April 25, 2010


these little guys are my siblings. left to right chris, teresa, daniel, todd. not in this picture is jim the second oldest. there is 14 years between me and chris, 15 years between me and teresa, 18 years between daniel and me and 13 between me and todd jim,(four years younger than me) me, chris, todd and teresa, daniel wasn't born yet
jim, me, daniel, todd, teresa, chris one of the only photos i have of the six of us todd and chris are irish twins, there is 1 year and 3 weeks age difference
me, mom and teresa, i think i was 18, this was taken the summer before i got married. we all are from the same parents. when i tell people about the age difference they assume we are from different families. Of course we are all grown the youngest is now 44. my oldest son will be 43, so theoretically mom and i could have been pregnant at the same time. omg!!!


Molly said...

Lovely to have these photos! Isn't photography the best invention ever?!

JeanMac said...

Such nice memories.

JeanMac said...

I love seeing old pictures.

patty said...

Molly and JeanMac, i'm sorry i'm so late in responding, i thought i responded to all the comments but tonight found out i didn't. i so enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate you both reading mine