Monday, April 12, 2010

new sport

little d is taking soccer lessons. God bless the coach for taking on 3-4 year olds. Coach is really good with the kids, he has alot of energy and keeps the kiddos engaged
soccer is a natural for kids, they love to run and kick a ball around


jeanmac said...

Bless him indeed.Pictures are so cute.

Molly said...

The thing I remember most about soccer for that age is how they would strike up a friendship with someone else on the field [not necessarily on the same team!] and hold hands, or pick daisies, completely oblivious to the "game" they were in the middle of "playing!" But then, I've always thought that making friends and picking flowers were much more important pursuits than putting a ball in a net!

patty said...

d kicks the ball then stands with his arms crossed and states "it's no use" then has to be talked into kicking it again. mom's family are into sports, basketball, soccer, volleyball; couple of the older cousins have received scholarships to college playing sports.
the coach has the patience of the saints, but he is so so good with the little guys.