Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cousin adventure 3

this weekend the boys went to the museum of transportation. The last time i was here i was about 10 years old. The museum has various examples of transportation, mostly trains d and p hamming it up by the train wheels
riding the street car
riding the mininature train
of course we had to have a picture of a motor cycle , an old Indian
this car has the largest fins i've ever seen. i think this was the singer bobby darren's care and the paint job had crushed diamonds in the finish
the tug boat
ringing the bell on the train engine
there are planes, trains and automobiles,boats, the whole place is run by volunteers and the price is inexpensive. its a great place for anyone who likes trains. I don't know about the boys but the 2 grandmas slept good that night!


Isabelle said...

Cute photos!

In answer to your question about the weather in Scotland in July - it can be very variable!!

It could be around 70 or at top, 75 degrees, and sunny. On the other hand, it could be more like 60 to 65 and dull or rainy or windy. I know this isn't very helpful!

I would bring trousers rather than shorts (don't know if you're a shorts lady but if so, one pair would be ample - it won't be hot for long if at all). Or skirts. The main thing is to have layers, so a blouse/tshirt might be enough on top, but do bring a couple of sweaters and a rainproof jacket - it doesn't need to be a particularly warm jacket because it won't be positively COLD in July.

We often see Americans wearing raincoats all the time, but this should hopefully not be necessary. Usually when I'm out for the day in the summer I just wear trousers, a shirt and a sweater.

It does depend where in Scotland you're going. If you're going to the Highlands or any islands, it'll probably be a few degrees cooler than in the south.

Pack some insect repellent if you're going north, especially to the beautiful north-west. We have small but very efficient midges, which can give you a painless but very itchy bite!

patty said...

Isabelle, thank you for your reply, i'm leaving in 28 days and will be spending 2 days in Edinburgh, can't wait to see your country