Tuesday, January 1, 2013

recent movies

 Here I thought since I'm not working for the next couple of months, I'd have all this TIME to catch up on my movie watching. Silly me, I can't seem to get everything done that I want to do. That being said, "Argo" was a great movie, not something that I would usually see; went with a friend to a senior matinee. The acting is great, the story taken from real life in the 70's. I would recommend it.
 The Hunger Games was also very good. I read all the books and waited until the movie came out on dvd. I enjoyed seeing the book come to life. Really like Jennifer Lawrence in the past of Katniss.
the Marigold hotel was excellent. Loved the story and the actors, especially Dame Judy Dench, and Maggie Smith. This appealed to me because the actors are of a "certain age"


JeanMac said...

I saw Argo also and didn't remember a lot of the details which were in the movie.

patty said...

Happy New Year! Years ago I met one of the young Marines that was held hostage in this movie. He was a young polite young man who has gone on to after a sucessful life and family