Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grand Ave water tower

my baby sister treated me to a show at the Fox theater recently. We saw the "Blue Man Group". We had great seats on the main level of the theater. On the way to the theater we passed the Grand Ave water tower.
The tower was built in 1871 by architect George I. Barnett in the form of a Corinthian order column with brick, stone and cast iron trim. Inclusive of its base, shaft and capital, it stands 154 feet tall. Inside was a standpipe, five feet in diameter, to hold water. In addition to being used for firefighting, the pressure in the pipe regulated water pressure in the area. In 1912, the water tower was decommissioned, and its standpipe and internal spiral staircase were removed. The staircase was replaced by a vertical ladder, and the tower was modified to include an aircraft warning light.[1] In 1998, the water tower was restored and lit by floodlights.[2] (Wikipedia)
This is one of the towers in St. Louis; some of them can be climbed and are a great place for photography.

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