Saturday, November 17, 2012

world wide photo walk 2012

 I participated in a world wide photo walk a few weeks ago in historic Old St Charles. I've taken photos here on my own but this time went with a group of photographers. Most of the photos are ones that were my favorite of the 100 or so I shot.
 a pub crawl on bicycles and kilts. I took this one just because of the kilts.
 I thought that I had found a hidden treasure when I saw this building, as it turned out everyone had found this.
 view of the fall trees
 I was intrigued with this cart and its many textures
 down by the depot.
 hinge and ring on a old cellar door
steps behind one of the buildings
our group; I met some great people, had great conversations at lunch and made plans to join a photo club in my city.

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Molly said...

Great shots! Sounds like a good time in good company!