Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the road part 7

 We are at a park again, this time with D and D. D is keeping sissy from falling off the merry go round
taking a swing break and being a little stinker!
 After a few hours at the park we came home and did crafts. We had made bat pictures at the library that morning at story hour and this craft was sand art. Instead of using sand I used food coloring to dye salt different colors and it worked well.
 After the sand art we used leaves to make pictures. I had been collecting leaves from various places to use and D and D really seems to enjoy this craft. Thank goodness for pinterest!

 D's pictures of a cat and ballerine ( with a little help from grandma)
 D's underwater scene
Hoopy kept a eye on us and his halloween cat.


Molly said...

Lucky you, to be able to spend so much time with those cuties! And lucky them too.....

JeanMac said...

nice memories!

patty said...

We have been having a great time going to the park and doing crafts. Winter is now here and I return to work in January, so we will have to wait until the weather is better in the spring to return to the parks and the crafts.