Wednesday, December 21, 2011

family holiday night at the foundry

Another great night at the Foundry Centre for the family. D and D coloring their Christmas box. The Centre had four stations. Pipe cleaner ornament, wreath making, air dried clay ornament and these tiny little boxes. They both took alot of time to get it just right.
showing off her snow flake.
the family.
After the hot chocolate and cookies we ventured up to the artist studios and watched a couple of artist paint. Both ladies were very nice to the little kids and asked them about their art work.


Isabelle said...

Oh, how very cute! Happy Christmas!

patty said...

Isabelle, I'm always on the lookout to find something for the kids to do, this event was free and was really grand, its a shame more people don't participate! The kids are so eagar to do new things.