Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a day at the river

we took a ride to the river today! Last time I was here was the day my dad died so the drive was bitter sweet. this is my handsome great nephew, P posing for me on a piece of driftwood
the last time i was on the ferry I didn't notice these caves on the bluffs
my niece m and my grandniece little miss m
she is so darn cute!
an old barn on the great river road on our way to Pere Marquette Park
a view from the bluffs, p and i hiked a trail about a mile up the bluff, since it was just he and i, we didn't want to get too far into the woods.
p and the wood carved mother nature
inside the lodge with p
one of the cottages you can rent
another view from inside the park
the view from the loading dock bar and grill. While we were there p and i talked about the flying fish that are in the river and he was so interesting in them, he couldn't wait to get home and look them up on the computer.
beautiful sunset on the way home

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