Wednesday, November 10, 2010

happy birds

i've been watering the grass because grass seed has been sowed. we haven't had any rain since the first week of October, everything is bone dry. my yard was a popular place for the robins. several took a bath in one of the puddles


Lisa Conmara said...

American robins are so different than his european cousin. Does yours have the same connotations with Christmas as ours?


Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!

patty said...

Hello Lisa, thank you for your comment and visit to my blog! I love your photos and I love Ireland. My greatest wish would be to live in your country. I don't think that we Americans connect robins with Christmas, we connect them with spring time. Please give me info about the robin and Christmas in Ireland; i'm always trying to learn more about the Irish culture.
Your photos are the BEST