Wednesday, November 3, 2010

good by to a landmark

all photos taken from the internet
a st louis landmark, the Admiral is being auctioned off on craigslist. The history of the Admiral spans 100 plus years. the latest use was a casino. for years it was an excursion boat that plied the Mississippi river as the largest inland entertain boat in the world. the style was art deco, on a hot summer day, the rays of the sun on the aluminum exterior shined like a diamond. build in 1907 the admiral was used as a ferry across the Mississippi, in the 1930's it was air conditioned which made the July summer days a bit more enjoyable
it is 365 feet long, 95 feet wide and held 4500 people. the ballroom was huge and the scene of years of dances, from swing to rock and roll. the restrooms were art deco in design and all of them were different and as kids was the first place we would rush to after boarding. we had proms, school picnics, first dates and just a great time on the S.S. Admiral

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