Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cousin adventure quatre (four in french)

we visited Petit Lyon, a 16th century village in France
preston in the jail, declan wouldn't go in, but had no trouble at all locking his grandma in the jail, and he did with a BIG smile on his face!
the good guy is in yellow, the bad in blue; the boys related to batman and mr freeze for good and bad
story telling belly dancers, notice the boys rapt attention, including the big boy on the left
declan loved this turkey hen, got right in her face and talked to her. a future vet in the making?
horse back riding
and again
watching preston's memaw in a play
memaw was the evil knight


Molly said...

What fun for those little boys! I have to say though, their meemaw doesn't look very evil!

patty said...

preston's meemaw is my younger sister and she is the sweetest person you could meet