Monday, May 31, 2010

missouri history museum

last weekend i took myself to the Missouri history museum in forest park. I've never been there before and it is really interesting. the special exhibition is treasure from the Vatican. i unfortunately didn't bring enough money with me to see it, darn! the eagle keeps watch
this little corner shows a typical kitchen in the suburban city of St Ann Missouri which is where i grew up. i was so surprised to see my little town here. St Ann was built by the Vatterott company and most of the families were service men coming home from World War 2 and Korea. compared to the home today, St.Ann homes could fit inside on them with room to spare.
the museum also has a wing dedicated to the 1904 world fair held in St. Louis, where the ice cream cone and iced tea were first served. i can't image wearing all these clothes in the heat and humidity of a St Louis summer
i especially love this photo. the baby was born at the fair, her parents worked on the fairgrounds; her name is Louisiana Purchase O'Leary. the fair also was dedicated to the Louisiana purchase
another wing is all things related to Charles Lindbergh's flight across the ocean to Europe. this is his flight suit
the spark plugs, passport and oil taken from the spirit of St Louis
a duplicate of the spirit of St Louis, i believe the original is in the Smithsonian museum in Washington dc


Molly said...

Looks like an interesting way to spend an afternoon Patty! Can you imagine having your baby born at a fair?!

JeanMac said...

Interesting post - thanks!

patty said...

Molly, the museum was very interesting have plans to go back.

JeanMac, hope you are well.