Saturday, January 16, 2010

past week

been busy last few days, found out first of the year, my hours at work are now part time, soooo i've been applying for part time jobs, applying for unemployment, and researching employment websites. This in itself is a part time job! Plus my aunt is not well and was in hospital yesterday for biopsy and instead of being released today is staying over again. Aunt is dad's sister and relies on me and little sis for moral support and doctor visits. Always good to have another pair of ears when visiting the doctor.
The good news is the kids and i celebrated Christmas last Saturday and had a great time. Middle son was really sick so he stayed home, (thank you middle). Oldest son's girlfriend made me the coverlet show in the photo along with 2 pillows. She did a great job for her first attempt. However i do need a translating of the gaelic verbage. Anyone know what it says? I was told i would have to find out myself. ( i think the verbage says "worlds' greatest grandmother) I'm also on tap to see "Celtic Women" in person in February, how kool is that.


Coastal Aussie said...

Sorry to read about your family's health troubles. However, that gift is amazing, so much love and work has gone into it.

I meant to say earlier that Phoebe was a perfect name for the frog. Thanks for your visits.

Good luck with the job hunt.

patty said...

Coastal Aussie, thank you for encouragment on the job hunt. Only had one interview out of about 20 applications. there is a reason for this to be happening now, the reason just hasn't been revealed to me yet.