Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year from the beach

blue moon on new year's eve little sister spent all 2009 saying that she wanted to sit on the beach before the end of 2009, soooooo, december 26 call travel agent, december 28 on plane to cancun for 5 days of sitting in the sun, staring at the ocean, eating at the buffet and having a liquid refreshment every now and then
now little sis and i are not impulsive people, we take ages to make a decision, then having made the decision, worry if it was the right one, BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!
mexico was great, forgot all about cold and snow in the midwest, hated to leave, 85 degrees and sunny; arrived home to 7 degree temps and snow flurries. thank goodness for cameras and memories.


tut-tut said...

Being on the beach . . . now that is what I'd like to be doing.

patty said...

its way too cold here in missouri, so right now it would be good to be back on the beach, but i can close my eyes and go there again any time i want

Pondside said...

Hi Patty - thanks for visiting my post. I too was taught for a time by the Sisters of St Joseph, in Hamilton Ontario. We have a couple of other things in common - I'd like to be tall and blonde in the next life, and I have a grandson named Declan.
I'll be back!

patty said...

Pondside, welcome! I've enjoyed reading your blog also. It's one I read every day.