Thursday, September 24, 2009

last saturday

daughter in law and youngest granddaughter at alzheimers charity walk oldest son, his girlfriend and granddaughter sister in law and youngest great niece daughter and youngest grandson. most of my family did this walk, we raised $1300.00 for the alzheimers society in memory of my dad. we had a great day for a walk, sunny and mild temperatures. we walked 3 miles thru a nearby park and have decided to make it a yearly event. SATURDAY AFTERNOON after the walk went down to the riverfront for the irish festival. this year there was a wedding. young couple met at the the festival last year and decided to get married there this year. love a man in a kilt they had a replica a of thatched roof cottage. the groom and the minister. the groom had the biggest smile all though the ceremony. the bride and her parents. then my camera battery gave out so i didn't get any pictures of the ceremony.