Monday, September 7, 2009

been gone to the fair

this is the lobby of the hotel we stayed in during our visit to the Missouri state fair in sedalia. this is also where i had my celebrity sighting. I had gone down to the lobby to buy some postcards for my web site. As i was talking to the hotel clerk, noticed a guy waiting to get on the elevator. I thought he looked familiar, so i smiled and nodded. After he got on the elevator i asked the clerk if that was who i thought it was, the clerk responded that she was unable to say anything. Well it turned out that it was Ronnie Dunn of the group Brooks and Dunn, he was staying at the same hotel! and this was the only time all weekend i didn't have my camera darn it! That sighting made my weekend.The concert was great, we had good seats and when we returned after the concert, Brooks and Dunn's driver was in the lobby and we chatted a few minutes.
love this quilt
i love to watch the 4-H kids with their livestock
prize winning produce
cattle judging at Missouri state fair

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laurie said...

oh wow, what a gorgeous hotel. and the fair pictures look like lots of fun.