Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy labor Day

to all, hope every one had a good day and prayers to those in the hurricane area. had a bbq at t's house yesterday and dad went. i think it was too much for him as today we got a call to the care center because he was agitated. t and i went to see what was going on, he said that he had something on his mind and couldn't remember what it was and he was frustrated. after talking to him for awhile he was better. the nurse said that we should still take him out and they could deal with a bad day every once in a while. there was a new resident moving in the wing today so i'm sure that will stir things up also. only 6 days left to our trip to the emerald isle. have told the guys that they must see dad while t and i are gone, because dad is used to seeing me 4 times a week and i want to make sure that his routine stays the same. b and b had a good time in chicago, said they never walked so much in a long time, but i sounds like they had fun

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