Monday, August 25, 2008

august 25, 3008

in 2 weeks i'll be in dublin ireland the first day of my dream trip! i'm trying not to get excited because i don't want to jinx anything. called city hall about the kittys under the porch, i can come down and get a trap to trap them and then the animal control will pick them up. i was advised not to feed them and tonight they were ratteling the dish i put out yesterday, it breaks my heart not to feed them but i don't want them to take up residence under the porch, especially with winter coming on. talked to a friend tonight and the small group is going out to breakfast on saturday, they wanted to have breakfast before i left, and that feel good that i have friends like that, they have been my rock this year, lending their shoulders for me to cry on.

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laurie said...

wow, you were just there, weren't you! post pictures when you get a chance. i'd love to see what you saw.