Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Vacation 2

 One of the things I like to do when visiting a new place is try different foods. On this plate was callaloo, ackee and salt fish and bean stew. Callaloo (at the 9:00 position) tasted like what we here in the States call collard greens. Ackee and saltfish (11:00 position) tasted like potatoes with fish) and the bean salad (1:00 position) was different types of beans served hot with a dressing. All was tasty.
 Every time I go to a beach I take this shot, something to look back on when the days get too long.
 This plate is jerk chicken, red beans and rice and sausage. I loved the jerk chicken and the jerk sauce. Hot and spicy, but not too much.
 T did the Dunn River Falls climb, I on the other hand decided that I would take pictures of the climb. I had my own personal tour guide, Nicola. She and I had a informative conservation as we were walking the path along the falls. Nicola was very smart, friendly and took good care of me.
 T half was up the falls with her guide and group
 The falls are the only falls in the world that run directly into the ocean
the finish line, T did great and it was another great birthday present

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