Saturday, October 6, 2012

adventures with grandma part 4

 We found another park to visit on this cool, foggy day. I think we are going to run out of nice days before we run out of parks! Notice the fashion statment with the shoes. I also let her pick out her own outfits to wear which explains the neon green bubble skirt and pink sweater.
 Our schedule for the last several weeks are: eat breakfast, go to the back yard and swing for a hour; go to the library for story hour and crafts; pick up lunch and go to a park for several hours.
 running across the bridge sitting in the middle of the field, goes nowhere, has nothing under it.
 D bravely tried the BIG SLIDE and found out she liked it, she was so proud of herself when she overcame her fear
 at my house we made a jack o lantern
 played with Aunt Becky's Cabbage Patch doll and Mr. and Mrs Potato Head
and had fun with funny glasses!

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