Saturday, April 7, 2012

Living room almost finished

got new furniture, two loveseats on sale. got the loveseats because i still plan on going to a apartment after i sell my house and two small couchs are easier to move as well as set up in a small living room. everything i do has a story and my furniture was no different! my son in law and grandson brought it to my house, we unwrapped the loveseats, put the legs on and set upright. as i was picking up the plastic and paper that covered them, i found a envelope marked parts, turns out there were screws that needed to be screwed into the legs into the frame, i did this and as i'm setting the seats back upright, the leg of one landed on the wire to the only lamp i have in the room, shorting it out. so at 8:30 i'm running to target to get a lamp; i paid more for this lamp than i would otherwise but i really needed it in a hurry. the next night was my book club meeting and i wouldn't have time to get one before the girls came over. i think the living room looks nice and i do love my new lamp.

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