Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have been spending way too much time at the library using their computers to do research of my family tree; by using the libraries' computers I can do some research without paying for it, and I'm all about FREE! Today I think I found that my 4th paternal great grandfather served in the Civil War. I found a pension card. If it is him, he was a private in the Union army.
I'm obsessed with the family tree now. It's what I am spending all of my free time doing, letting other things slide, so I've told myself that Wednesday right now will be my research day and Thursday nights are my genealogy class nights. Why didn't someone tell me this is addictive?????
The photo above is my mom, her mom and dad and a aunt in 1925.
The very best thing so far is I am definitely Irish on my maternal side. Yaaaaaaa. Still searching for the Irish link on my paternal side.

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